Monday, February 11, 2019


When we moved to Humboldt, we had our own washer and dryer. They weren't new or fancy. But they worked well.

But the housing market here is pretty awful. (I know it is in lots of places.) We couldn't find any rentals with laundry hookups for less than $1000+ a month. We got lucky that we found somewhere that had a laundry room onsite.

I don't really mind the laundry room itself. But I find it very difficult to get laundry started because I have to be decently dressed and have shoes on to take it out, and to change it.

At least it gives me some good photo ops! Davey loves to go outside. And to make sure the laundry room door is closed (it's usually propped open). Today he was exceptionally cute, commenting when he found a sock, and another sock. I love how cute little people are when they're being helpful (and succeeding). ♥

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday Morning Cartoons. Currently: Disney's Gargoyles.

We love our neighbors!

We love our neighbors! Lilli spent the morning hand clipping grass for Sparkles. Davey would feed her ten apples a day, if we let him (which we don't, I figure if too many treats aren't good for us, too many treats aren't good for her). We love our human neighbors, too. ❤