Saturday, September 02, 2006

Adventuresome and Romantic

Darren brought me flowers today!

He was going to deliver them to my at work, but I had already left when he stopped by. I wasn't home yet when he checked there, so he called me to find out where I was. While he was waiting for me to come home, he devised an adventuresome and romantic plan: he would climb to my second story balcony and go into my house through the slider door where he would put the flowers in a vase and surprise me when I came home later.

Unfortunately the slider door was locked.

He climed down and waited patiently in his car. A few minutes later he noticed a police car drive slowly through the parking lot with an eye on my balcony. Hmm.... Cyrano de Bergerac and Romeo didn't have to worry about things like that!


  1. Very favorite is Peanut butter M&M's!