I used to keep my goals written up on a sheet of paper. It was something I could refer to when I needed to get reoriented within myself, and I could look at it to see the progress I'd made. I haven't been able to keep track of my page of goals for some time, I can't even get one written up anymore. So, I'm going to try keeping it here. I'll know where to find it, it is easy to update. And because you can read it, it gives me a little bit of accountability.

  • Live within our means
    • Don't use credit cards. Get rid of them.
    • Expand our ability to pay for groceries so we can get off WIC before 2Flowers turns 5 years old
      • Have Lost Boy graduate with an Associates in Natural Resource Management
      • Get Lost Boy a new job (in the forest)
      • Monetize my blog (you may see signs of this around)
  • Get out of debt
    • Get rid of my credit cards (Yay! Completed in 2014)
    • Pay off all debts that have gone to collections
    • Pay off the hospital debt from Oreo's birth
    • Repay loans and help from family members
  • Build savings
    • Build an Emergency Fund of $1000
    • Maintain sinking funds for annual expenditures (like car insurance and dentist visits)
    • Then build an Emergency Fund covering three months expenditures
  • Attend the temple weekly (preferable with Lost Boy)
  • Write Toria every week while she is on her mission in Rome, Italy (2015/16)
  • Write Betsy! (also on a mission)
  • Have Family Home Evening every week
  • Read scriptures as a family every day (currently: three verses out loud)
  • Pray as a family twice daily
  • Have more meaningful personal prayers
  • Start a scripture study or reading program with Lost Boy?
  • Have more meaningful personal scripture study (not sure how to approach this yet, but my new calling as Young Women's First Councillor is helping)

Education & Community
  • Become a La Leche League Leader (lots of studying involved)
  • Learn how to plan and execute day trips for my family (and maybe a few friends)
  • Help 2Flowers learn to read (pretty sure this will happen by fall of 2015)
  • Use our museum and park memberships at least once monthly (each)
  • Get 2Flowers enrolled in Kindergarten (she is currently in the lotto for a charter school I like, but I have to get her enrolled in the regular school district just in case she doesn't get in.)
  • Write more letters
  • Practice yoga daily
  • Address my diastasis recti (I really want to try MuTu for this)
  • Lost Boy to ride 60 miles per week on his bicycle
  • Lost Boy to fit into his maroon suit by Christmas (2015)
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Eat less sugar (and processed junk)
  • Get more sunshine
  • Get rid  of 50% of my paper and boxes! (emotional health goal)

Other Goals
  • Go camping eight times in 2015
    • Including a two week trip in a cabin in the boondocks
  • Potty train Oreo before summer 2105 (this is mostly Lost Boy's goal, I'm really laid back about potty training, but Oreo is totally into it)
  • Move into a new house (before summer 2015)

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