Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well Taken Care Of

Yesterday, Grandma had surgery to take care of a corroded artery. A couple weeks ago, Grandpa had surgery to remove part of a lung affected with cancer. When I think about how we found out that Grandma and Grandpa had these potentially life threatening things going on in their bodies, I am thankful that Father makes things difficult and scary sometimes.

Grandpa had been sick since New Years. He felt miserable and fatigued for a long, long time, so they finally went to the doctor. The doctor did some tests, then some more tests, and told them that Grandpa had lung cancer. Whatever bug he had since New Years finally went away (I don’t know what it was), and they have been able to start to address the cancer before it got worse.

Grandma often had tingling and numbness in her left side about four months ago. After some visits to the doctor, and some tests, they decided to do surgery to clean out a corroded artery. What they discovered during the surgery was that her artery was 80% corroded and that she was at high risk to have strokes. In fact, the tingling episodes that she had been having before were called ITs (we can’t remember what it stands for) or mini-strokes.

I know that grandparents die eventually, but having my grandparents go through these trials (and surgeries) has made me really grateful that they didn’t have to come close to death too early. I still want them around for a while and I feel really lucky that they both have been well taken care of by my Heavenly Father.