Tuesday, March 25, 2008

President Hinckley

Excerpt from a journal entry after President Hinckley died:

27 January 2008

I thought that I should feel sad or devastated [that President Hinckley died], but I don't. I feel calm and peaceful. I feel very grateful that we could have him as our prophet for as long as we did. I feel grateful for all of my memories of him in General Conference and temple dedications. I feel calm because I know everything is under control. God has not forsaken us. His church will not fall into turmoil. I can imagine the Brethren, calm, assured, and in tune with the Spirit; not panicked, flustered, or confused by the transition and decisions they face.


  1. Hey love, I found you! I don't search too often on blogs, but it's pretty cool to find people you've lost track of who you care about so much. I found Sara Spackman Johnson, who was found by Jenn West, who had somone else's email, who led me to you!

    Check out my little family and goings-on.
    Love you,
    Tara Sheide Bowen

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