Saturday, May 31, 2008

I jumped ship.

I jumped from a sinking ship in hopes of finding one more my style. I am relieved, but also worried that I've done something rash. I thought and prayed about it. I talked to my mom and my darren.

I thought the transition would take longer. But I didn't expect the ship to sink so fast and I knew I had to get off it before I was asked to walk the plank.

This new ship should be much more manageable.


  1. i don't understand which ship. when do you get married? did you get married? i should know all this:) love you.

  2. The ship was a job - a good, intellectually stimulating job - but one that left me with little energy and a long commute (I don't agree with long commutes). I'm getting married Aug 1 - and I have a blog for me and Darren together :) I love you! Love Hna B