Friday, October 31, 2008

Ruminations on a Prop 8 Conversation

I met a nice lady the other day and we started talking about Proposition 8. I asked her how she was planning to vote and she said she would vote ‘No’ (which supports legalizing same sex marriages in California). I asked her what her reasons were and she said that regardless of whether she liked it “they’re going to do it anyway.” I was boggled and was having a difficult time understanding her position. Since I was then at the front of the line and had to go and be helped, we didn’t get to finish our conversation and I was left to wonder why someone would vote for something they didn’t agree with. That is like throwing away your vote - actually it is worse, because by voting against what you feel is right it is two counts against a position others who believe the same way you do are voting for. I think it would be better not to vote! I don’t know if that is a very nice thing to say, but don’t chuck the chocolate just because you think no one else likes it!