Friday, February 20, 2009

Craft Blogs and New Ideas

I started to browse some craft blogs a few weeks ago and now I'm hooked (and inspired)! I think my favorite one so far is The Crafty Crow, I think I add stars to about a third of The Crafty Crow's posts in my Google Reader. I'm inspired by these women and I want to be like them. They sew, knit, crochet, and do crafts with their kids. I want to do that too! I realized that my huge desk (which is currently holding a ginormous computer monitor and a whole bunch of paper) would make a great sewing space. So my plan is to clean it off and set up my sewing machine there. I mean, if it is all set up and everything it will be easier to use, right? Cleaning off the desk will be a big project though, because I have to sort through the boxes by my bed before I can tackle the ones on and under the desk. (Why? Well, I have a plan for the ones by my bed - which is why they're by my bed. The ones around the desk don't have anywhere to go yet.)

Another thing that these blogs inspired me to do is to think about using my blog differently. I have a family blog for me and Lost Boy now, so I've been putting up the day to day adventures over there instead of here. But maybe I could copy all the neat crafty ladies and put up my ideas and projects here! I like that idea. But there is a bit of a problem. I'm super digital and don't spend much time on non-computer related projects. So I'm thinking about posting some of the software tips I know. I think that could be useful. I talked with a friend about a new feature in Microsoft's 2003 Publisher that makes printing address labels really easy and flexible. The only problem is that there is a very real possibility that I'll get carried away describing how to create Super Equations in Excel that I find useful that perhaps no one else will care about. Well, I'm still thinking about it.