Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Current Crochet Projects

I have a few crochet projects that I've been working on for a long time. But it seems that the only projects I can reliably finish are humanitarian aid ones. I decided to learn to crochet in 2004 when the church was collecting hand made leper bandages. My very first crochet project (which I finished!) was a leper bandage. In 2008 my ward made hats for newborns in countries where new babies have really low birthrates during Save the Children's Knit One Save One campaign. I crocheted four or five little hats. All my other projects are still undone, or were adjusted (an afghan turned into a scarf for a friend).

Since I now know how to crochet little hats, I started to make one for a friend's brand new baby. But since Baby M. isn't underweight I decided to experiment with adjusting the "recipe" to make a bigger hat. I think I made it too big. The project is temporarily suspended until I find out how big around Baby M.'s head is so I can decide whether to go ahead, or to go back.

Meanwhile, I picked up a long abandoned project and made it past the spot where I've been stuck for the past year. I can tell that my skill has improved since I last worked on this project. I can even count stitches now! (Except when I'm talking or listenining.)

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