Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The End of Spring Break

Lost Boy and I just finished Spring Break. Our university has Spring Break adjacent to Cesar Chavez Day instead of Easter. While I respect the Cesar Chavez's sacrifice and cultural contribution I'm a little bugged that all of our friends and siblings have this week off instead of last week. I had only one friend who had break at the same time as me (because she goes to the same university). Sigh.

I thought that I would catch up on my school assignments during Spring Break. But if you have a habit of not doing homework when school is in session, you still have that habit when school is on break.

I did a lot of crocheting though! I made a teddy bear for a cousin who is having a baby soon. It was my very first stuffed animal project! I also experimented with mini-teddy bears for my niece and nephews. I'll put pictures up soon.

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