Thursday, July 02, 2009

Social Media Deposits vs. Withdrawals

I saw this tweet via @stargardener and have been learning that this is the case on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

"RT @WorkingArtMedia: @MackCollier Think of Social media like a savings account, you have to make deposits before you try to make withdrawals"

I think deposits are things like
  • commenting on someone's status, photo, post, or tweet
  • liking (FB) or retweeting (twitter) things
I think withdrawals are things like:
  • advertising your product or a sale
  • asking for a response (E.g. asking a question, asking someone to click on a link, or asking a reader do an action from clicking to spending money that they wouldn't do if you hadn't asked)
What kinds of actions do you think count as "deposits?"

What kind of actions do you think count as "withdrawals?"

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