Tuesday, August 04, 2009

5 Good Things Today

  1. Nap ♥ I'm sure there will be naps in heaven.
  2. Megan's blog. Made me laugh (and miss my sisters). Meg writes like she talks, I can almost see the arm gestures and the facial expressions. Especially when she is talking about stuff she and Di did together.
  3. Netflix. Firefly Disc 4. I'm so hooked. I know this is the last one. Then I'll watch Serenity, then it will be over. But there is still one more disc left, and it came today!
  4. 21 years ago today Diane was born ♥ I love my sisters!
  5. My cell phone. It let me read to Lost Boy while he was at work. We're reading Genius Squad* by Catherine Jinks. The plot is complex and unusual (Think Artemis Fowl).

*Genius Squad and it's prequel Evil Genius are not Clean Reads due to language.

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