Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I'm retiring my a.bowen gadgets, but I really like them, so I didn't want to delete them. These are my rainbow fish. I really like fish. I think for my second bachelor's degree I will study fishology (I can't remember the real word, but I know it starts with an 'h'). This will come after the Masters in Library and Information Science, so it will be a while before I am a fish know-it-all.

On the subject of fish. All my tetras are gone. Two Fish and Red Fish were the last two surviving and I let them go. Lost Boy took me to the river and we sat and looked at the moon for a while before I let them go. I was worried about them going into shock and I was concerned that they might be carrying domestic germs that could affect the river's equilibrium. I hope they at least survived the night, but I decided that an exciting - if short - life in fresh clean water was more than I was offering them at home (I wasn't taking very good care of them). For some reason I was much more interested in my Black Moore, Squishy, than I was in the tetras (I did like Milton though and was upset when he got sick.)

There is a black virtual fish in my gadget in honor of Squishy. You can feed the fish by clicking on the image.


  1. do you mean icthyology? :)

    cool turtles and fishies :)