Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Imagine if

Sometimes I wish things could be accomplished by just thinking about them; by imagining the process of completing them. Driving home from school or work would be so much more worth my time! On the way home from work tonight (~30 minute drive) I was attempting to prioritize what I needed to do when I got home. If imagining could make things happen, this is what I would have accomplished:
  • picked up the livingroom
  • sorted some papers
  • brushed and flossed my teeth (I've been chewing gum and sucking on cough drops all day and my teeth are grody!!!)
  • looked up my new Bishop's address and phone number
  • fixed the address on an envelope
  • packed the couch pillows
  • emailed my boss
  • maybe emailed one of my professors
  • gotten at least half way done with my cramming for my midterm in Climate tomorrow
  • cleaned out the humidifier
  • wipe the marker off my dry erase map
  • written this blog.
So far, I've done four of those things and it's been 90 minutes since I got home. Obviously, the imagination could be three times as effective as having to go through the motions!


  1. Ryann, Hang in there with school. And don't worry about the backlog. Just do what you can, what matters most, and pray for lots and lots of help. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  2. Seriously! It would be awesome if thinking about something made it actually happen! I'd get a lot done on my drive home from work AND my drive to work!

  3. (This is Karen, by the way)