Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unsuccessful and Despondent

I've been wanting to change things on my blog for some time. Last semester I was busy with school, and then we had a whole bunch of adventures from November to January. Today I spent some time trying to make the changes I wanted, but I have not been successful.

I want to have two gadget columns to the right of my post column, and I found a tutorial on how to edit the html myself, but I just couldn't get it right. I created three columns, but I couldn't get more than one gadget in the column I added to my Blogger template. Sigh. So I still have the same layout as before.

I have been wanting a pretty and unique banner, but my attempts at graphic design over the summer were only marginally successful, and I dropped them once school got going. I tried my hand at some digital scrapbooking with a free download from I really like the gold stars, but the overall effect it isn't entirely what I want.

Sigh. Maybe it is just the depression. I feel really disinterested in everything. I wasn't even remotely nervous about the first day of classes yesterday (or maybe that is because this is my eighth semester at this campus). Is this likely to last my whole pregnancy?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Disneyland Adventure

Things have been pretty exciting for the past two months. Lost Boy and I went to Disneyland with my family at Thanksgiving. My family was coming from Utah, but Lost Boy and I are in Central California, so we took a leisurely drive down Highway 101 and camped at Sunset Beach to break up the drive. We explored a couple of beaches and stopped in a few small towns. It was lovely.

We met up with my family in LA and ten of us shared two rooms. It worked out pretty well, my parents got a suite with a hide-a-bed couch for my brother and everyone else got a bed except Rach, who we put in a sleeping bag on a pile of couch pillows.

The rides were mostly good. They always seem so short compared to how long you waited to get onto them. I discovered that the most important thing to pack when you're going to a theme park is a couple (or nine) people who you enjoy hanging out with. We played "What Disney character am I?" (Everyone has to figure out who you are by asking yes/no questions) in the line for California Soaring and Nimo's Submarine Adventure (we also played it while we were stuck underwater in the submarine while the ride had some trouble).

I liked Space Mountain, Star Tours, and California Soaring, but I'm not sure how I felt about the Screamer ride. I avoided the rides that take you up high and then drop you, I already know I don't like those. (Yes, I did try them out once, that's how I know!) The Toy Story Arcade ride is fun - it is interactive and it's aim is very generous (I was amazed at how many targets I hit!). The best ride was Buzz Lightyear's Mission to defeat Zurg (I don't know what it was really called). You get to shoot at Zurg and his minions with lazer blasters and it is like a live video game. They take pictures of you, like most rides do, but this one lets you email it to yourself for free! That's nice of them. The boys went on this ride many many times (I don't know how many) and got tips from the staff so they could score better.

We saw the Disney Christmas parade and since we were behind a lot of people Lost Boy put me on his shoulders for half of the parade. Six feet off the ground is quite a ways up there and I could probably see better than the people at the front! I wasn't sure how to get down though, and I didn't follow Lost Boy's lead, so I nearly fell off of him on the way down. We also saw the California Adventure parade with all the Pixar characters and that was cooler than the Disney parade. (Although I did like the princesses!)

We saw, ate, bought, and experienced a lot of other stuff, but there are more adventures to catch up on.

Next time: Car crash on the way home. (If you were delayed going north on the Grapevine the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we probably contributed to your travel time. Sorry.)