Friday, February 05, 2010

Feeling a little better.

I've been feeling better this week! There may be various reasons:
  • I've been in to see my doctor and we increased my depression meds.
  • I'm entering the Second Trimester and actually spending some time out of bed! I did a couple of chores (dishes, sweeping, cleaning the bathtub) for the first time in a long time and I felt productive!
  • The sun came out a few times.
  • I've been going to bed earlier (meaning Lights Out and No Flashlight). I turned out the light by 10:30 pm THREE CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS!!! (Okay, the third night it was actually 10:35 pm). My goal is seven consecutive nights, but three is a personal record.
During my visit my doctor berated me for not taking my vitamins. I had been taking my prenatal, iron, and folate diligently for over ten months, but once I suspected my vitamins of making me throw up I stopped taking them. After all, I'm quite sure I'm not eating close to 2000 calories a day. If taking my vitamins causes me to lose half of the calories I did eat, then what's the use? However, after my previously mentioned berating I started taking the folate again (diligently!) and I bought Flintstones chewable vitamins (which my doctor says aren't as good as a prenatal, but are better than nothing).

My friend, Liz, suggested the Flintstones. She told me they absorb so fast you haven't got a chance to throw them up. Good thing! She observed that she eventually had to stop buying them because she would discover the jar empty and have to call poison control after identifying which kid was the culprit. I laughed when she told me that, but then I ate one...

My lab tests came back and my doctor called me to tell me that I'm anemic. AGAIN. No wonder I just want to lay around all day! There is a prescription waiting for me at the pharmacy, but meanwhile I have hesitantly (and bravely!) started taking iron again. Lost Boy suggested cutting the tablet in half to see if that made me feel less nauseous than the whole dose. Smart boy! It does! So my plan is to take two halves of my iron until we get over to the pharmacy.

In the long term, I wonder if cutting my prenatal in half will reduce how nauseous it makes me feel. I will have to try it, although I really like eating the Flintstone vitamins...

P.S. They have sour flavored Flintstones too!


  1. I love wreading your posts. You could be sick just because your PG. In that case you will just have to wait. It will quit on it's own time. Do you all ways have food in your stomach when you take your pills? That will help them to absorb faster. You need to get back on the prenatial vitamins. I will be home soon to help you. Keep up your blog. Hug's , Grams

  2. Ry, I've heard (but haven't checked it out) that there is a possibility of switching to a different prenatal vitamin with slightly different ratios of the vitamins...I'm not sure if it's accurate but you may compare a few brands next time you go to the store to see if they are all the same or not. I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better! Being productive does help! And I bet those sour Flinstones vitamins are tasty!

  3. So glad things are going better. It's a big deal when you're able to be productive again. And it stinks to know your vitamins are making things worse...