Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Week in Highlights

I'm feeling pretty good about some of the things that happened this week. A lot of them, though not all, are things I accomplished! Here is the happy rundown (in no order whatsoever):
  1. My Green Bag Lady bag came today.
  2. I sewed a messenger bag (though it's still kind of in progress).
  3. I drank a gallon of milk in four days.
  4. I wrote the first draft for an English essay a whole week in advance!
  5. I did some dishes.
  6. Lost Boy let me take care of him (a little) while he was sick.
  7. I took the Census Exam to apply to work for the 2010 Census.
There are still three days left in the week! I wonder what nice things might happen?


  1. Yay for having good things happen this week! Merrill and I were given a challenge to write down everyday of the month some way we noticed that the Lord's hand is in our life and it's really helped me find the great things that happen all week! I was reminded of it by your list. P.S. You didn't happen to get anything in the mail did you?

  2. Double Yah for good things happening in your world! love mom

  3. First of all: Congratulations! When is your baby due?

    It is snowing here {on the first day of Spring!} so I am enjoying a laid back day of reading blogs. So glad I stopped by here!

    I love your blog layout! Of course I am partial to stars but I like the simple "sparkle" and muted teal background.

    Weekly lists are always interesting to look back on. Simple to keep; fun to note what was important or created a moment of elation.