Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I graduated.

I was very, very good. I stayed away from Facebook, Google Reader, my blog, and the internet in general for a month and half. With lots of support from and encouragement from Lost Boy and others I finished and turned in ALL of my assignments for school. I passed English. I didn't fail any classes.

After 16 semesters and 11 years I finally earned my Bachelor's degree.

I finished my Associates in 7 semesters (6 years: Fall '99 to Spring '05) with a two and a half year break to prepare for and serve a mission.

I finished my upper division work in 9 semesters (5 years: Fall '05 to Spring '10) with a one semester break to prepare for my wedding.

I almost dropped out in Fall '06 because I couldn't handle full time work and a part time course load. But M.R. sponsored an on-campus internship that gave me the flexibility I needed to meet my financial aid unit requirements, take the one class I needed to qualify for a GIS internship, and continue working at my high-stress full time job for just one more semester.

Rent is expensive. I lived with my dad. I lived with three roommates in a two bedroom apartment to save on rent. I lived with my grandma. And, of course, I lived with Lost Boy.

I failed about one out of every four classes once I started my upper division course work. I failed a required English course (College Composition) twice. I turned in at least half of my assignments late. I never had 100% (or even 90%) perfect attendance. Once I missed a final because I was late for my train and arrived at school 40 minutes late.

It was really long and really hard. If you think you can't do it. Think again. I did it. And so did <-- my sister.