Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cherry Red!

For all of my adult life I haven't been that interested in having painted finger or toe nails. I always kept clear fingernail polish on hand for stopping runs in my stockings. I certainly never used bright colors. But when I was six months pregnant my sister offered to paint my toe nails and I decided to be brave and try her dark red. To my surprise I really liked seeing my red toe nails!

Eventually, I bought my own red nail polish, but I picked cherry red because I wasn't sure about the sparkles in the darker red. It is awfully bright, but I still like it. I found myself painting my toenails at midnight a few weeks ago. Huh. Then, when I was touching up my toes last night I suddenly decided to paint my fingernails. Bright red! That is very unlike me! What is going on?

I hope I don't start wearing nail polish all the time, but I think part of the reason I've been wearing it lately is that I no longer get dressed up everyday to go to school and work. I still don't fit into most of my nice clothes, so I wear yoga pants a lot. Almost none of my shirts fit, so I'm wearing t-shirts that used to be too big. I do go out often, but I only get dressed up all pretty once in a while. I think the red finger and toe nails make me feel pretty when I'm home all day and have milk and baby spitup on my clothes.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


"Do you know what you did? You made a mommy! Before you came she was just an aunt. An aunt and a wife. You upgraded her to a mommy!"

Friday, September 10, 2010

The First Two Miles

My discharge papers advised me to walk every day to help me recover from my cesarean. Sometimes it is hard for me even to get out of the house. I've spent several days just sleeping all day. Lost Boy is very patient. When LR and I sleep so much, he has no one to play with. For the most part I've been feeling a little bit better every day. Unless I push myself too far one day, then it takes a few days to recover. We try to go for walks whenever I have energy and it isn't too hot outside. In addition to helping me recover from surgery, I have some walking goals to help me accomplish my writing goals.

One of my writing goals is to walk to a nearby La Bou that has free wi-fi at least once a week (eventually) to get on the internet and do internet stuff like post to my blog. We don't have internet at home right now. I stopped working around the time I got pregnant so our budget is a bit smaller and internet is a luxury now that I'm not in school and is therefore expendable. But posting to my blog weekly is one of my main writing goals. So I have a goal to be able to walk to La Bou.

I believe in breaking big goals down into smaller goals and yesterday I set a goal for myself to walk from our house to M-- Avenue, which is about two thirds of the way to La Bou. I think the distance is about a mile. Maybe it's a mile and half. I was thinking that making it to La Bou (and back) would take several weeks, and this morning I was thinking that making it to M-- Ave. would take at least two weeks. I got LR and myself out of the house this evening and to my surprise and pleasure we made it all the way! (to M-- Ave. that is, not La Bou.)

After looking at my map, I think I walked almost two miles today. I know that isn't a lot by some standards (for example Lost Boy can go for 100  mile hikes just fine), but I feel pretty tired right now. My back aches and my legs are tired. But I also feel productive and successful. And I promised myself a nap. I don't think I'll try to get that far again tomorrow. But I'll do it again soon.

Maybe I can do more than I think.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

What to Call the Baby?

When I read other blogs, I love the code names given to members of the family. Like Ouro Branco, Little Hen, Firecracker, Little Prince, and NBC. Now I have a new member of my family and I'm sure I'll be referring to her quite often. I want to give her a code name too, but I can't decide what to call her!

One of my brothers-in-law calls her 'Baby Two Flowers', but I don't know. She still gets called 'Lieutenant' occasionally. Maybe I could call her 'Lieutenant Lirio'? Or, going with the flower theme, 'Flower Girl'? 'Lieutenant Danger'? 'Twinkle' (Star Baby)? What do you think?

Ouro Branco, Little Prince, and NBC are from Pensievity.
Little Hen and Firecracker are from Lark Song Knits.

Fudge and Truffles

I'm still trying to process my birth experience, so I'm going to skip over it for a bit and write about something completely unrelated.

Lost Boy had the day off yesterday, so we went to Apple Hill to spend the day together as a family (we took the baby, of course). There is a little fudge shop up there that has all sorts of fudge flavors. I like their Apple Cider Fudge so we went in to get some. We also got a square of Rocky Road fudge (Rocky Road is my favorite way to eat chocolate) and a Milk Chocolate Mint Cup (very minty). But all of this added up to less than five dollars, which is the minimum amount they will let you use a debit/credit card for (which we were using). So Lost Boy said, "We'll take one of those Rasberry Truffles" to take us over five dollars. Then we rushed down to Boa Vista Orchards to buy peaches before they closed.

Later that night, when we were home and resting, we got ready to savor our fudge. We had a discussion about the value of marshmallows in fudge. We commented on the mintiness in the Mint Cup. Then we considered how best to eat the truffle. We are accustomed to truffles having a certain level of solidness all the way through, but I had a feeling that this one would drip stickiness like a jelly filled donut. It did. I was feeding the baby so Lost Boy heaped some chocolate shell and rasberry filling onto a spoon and put it in my mouth. I've been craving sweets lately, but the sweetness of this truffle exceeded all the sweetness I've ever tasted. It wasn't artificial and it didn't taste like a flavor. It was stronger than pure sugar; it was elemental. It gave me an ache in my head, like a brain freeze. At first I couldn't think of anyway to describe it except as 200% sugar. We discussed the intensity if the sweetness and concluded that it wasn't worth as much as we'd paid for it. Next time we'll get more Mint Cups.