Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cherry Red!

For all of my adult life I haven't been that interested in having painted finger or toe nails. I always kept clear fingernail polish on hand for stopping runs in my stockings. I certainly never used bright colors. But when I was six months pregnant my sister offered to paint my toe nails and I decided to be brave and try her dark red. To my surprise I really liked seeing my red toe nails!

Eventually, I bought my own red nail polish, but I picked cherry red because I wasn't sure about the sparkles in the darker red. It is awfully bright, but I still like it. I found myself painting my toenails at midnight a few weeks ago. Huh. Then, when I was touching up my toes last night I suddenly decided to paint my fingernails. Bright red! That is very unlike me! What is going on?

I hope I don't start wearing nail polish all the time, but I think part of the reason I've been wearing it lately is that I no longer get dressed up everyday to go to school and work. I still don't fit into most of my nice clothes, so I wear yoga pants a lot. Almost none of my shirts fit, so I'm wearing t-shirts that used to be too big. I do go out often, but I only get dressed up all pretty once in a while. I think the red finger and toe nails make me feel pretty when I'm home all day and have milk and baby spitup on my clothes.

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