Friday, September 10, 2010

The First Two Miles

My discharge papers advised me to walk every day to help me recover from my cesarean. Sometimes it is hard for me even to get out of the house. I've spent several days just sleeping all day. Lost Boy is very patient. When LR and I sleep so much, he has no one to play with. For the most part I've been feeling a little bit better every day. Unless I push myself too far one day, then it takes a few days to recover. We try to go for walks whenever I have energy and it isn't too hot outside. In addition to helping me recover from surgery, I have some walking goals to help me accomplish my writing goals.

One of my writing goals is to walk to a nearby La Bou that has free wi-fi at least once a week (eventually) to get on the internet and do internet stuff like post to my blog. We don't have internet at home right now. I stopped working around the time I got pregnant so our budget is a bit smaller and internet is a luxury now that I'm not in school and is therefore expendable. But posting to my blog weekly is one of my main writing goals. So I have a goal to be able to walk to La Bou.

I believe in breaking big goals down into smaller goals and yesterday I set a goal for myself to walk from our house to M-- Avenue, which is about two thirds of the way to La Bou. I think the distance is about a mile. Maybe it's a mile and half. I was thinking that making it to La Bou (and back) would take several weeks, and this morning I was thinking that making it to M-- Ave. would take at least two weeks. I got LR and myself out of the house this evening and to my surprise and pleasure we made it all the way! (to M-- Ave. that is, not La Bou.)

After looking at my map, I think I walked almost two miles today. I know that isn't a lot by some standards (for example Lost Boy can go for 100  mile hikes just fine), but I feel pretty tired right now. My back aches and my legs are tired. But I also feel productive and successful. And I promised myself a nap. I don't think I'll try to get that far again tomorrow. But I'll do it again soon.

Maybe I can do more than I think.


  1. I think it's sad not to know the name of your child. So I vote for you to send me an email with a picture of you and your baby, complete with her name. LR isn't going to work for me without any meaning behind it. Also, I don't know where you live. Are you in Utah so you can come to the Spackman reunion?

  2. Tara, Thanks for commenting! I've got an email on its way to you! ♥ R