Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fudge and Truffles

I'm still trying to process my birth experience, so I'm going to skip over it for a bit and write about something completely unrelated.

Lost Boy had the day off yesterday, so we went to Apple Hill to spend the day together as a family (we took the baby, of course). There is a little fudge shop up there that has all sorts of fudge flavors. I like their Apple Cider Fudge so we went in to get some. We also got a square of Rocky Road fudge (Rocky Road is my favorite way to eat chocolate) and a Milk Chocolate Mint Cup (very minty). But all of this added up to less than five dollars, which is the minimum amount they will let you use a debit/credit card for (which we were using). So Lost Boy said, "We'll take one of those Rasberry Truffles" to take us over five dollars. Then we rushed down to Boa Vista Orchards to buy peaches before they closed.

Later that night, when we were home and resting, we got ready to savor our fudge. We had a discussion about the value of marshmallows in fudge. We commented on the mintiness in the Mint Cup. Then we considered how best to eat the truffle. We are accustomed to truffles having a certain level of solidness all the way through, but I had a feeling that this one would drip stickiness like a jelly filled donut. It did. I was feeding the baby so Lost Boy heaped some chocolate shell and rasberry filling onto a spoon and put it in my mouth. I've been craving sweets lately, but the sweetness of this truffle exceeded all the sweetness I've ever tasted. It wasn't artificial and it didn't taste like a flavor. It was stronger than pure sugar; it was elemental. It gave me an ache in my head, like a brain freeze. At first I couldn't think of anyway to describe it except as 200% sugar. We discussed the intensity if the sweetness and concluded that it wasn't worth as much as we'd paid for it. Next time we'll get more Mint Cups.

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