Sunday, September 05, 2010

What to Call the Baby?

When I read other blogs, I love the code names given to members of the family. Like Ouro Branco, Little Hen, Firecracker, Little Prince, and NBC. Now I have a new member of my family and I'm sure I'll be referring to her quite often. I want to give her a code name too, but I can't decide what to call her!

One of my brothers-in-law calls her 'Baby Two Flowers', but I don't know. She still gets called 'Lieutenant' occasionally. Maybe I could call her 'Lieutenant Lirio'? Or, going with the flower theme, 'Flower Girl'? 'Lieutenant Danger'? 'Twinkle' (Star Baby)? What do you think?

Ouro Branco, Little Prince, and NBC are from Pensievity.
Little Hen and Firecracker are from Lark Song Knits.

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