Thursday, November 25, 2010

Writing Challenges

I've had so many ideas for blog posts lately! I've even written several my head. Now that I'm done with college I feel like I can focus on my writing goals. But I haven't been producing the writing that I know I could. Part of it is just getting myself to sit down and write, but another part of it is being a stay-at-home-mom. When I get a few minutes and a little energy together at the same time I ask myself what I should do. Write? Scrub the bathroom that's been neglected for the past month? Pick up the living room? Sort baby clothes? Read the book I'm trying to finish? Or scratch everything and cuddle my baby?

Sometimes I feel like writing, but Baby Two Flowers wants to be held or fed and I have a hard time typing with one hand. I have a notebook that I'm writing in (except when the baby is latched on and I left the notebook on the other side of the room) but I'm having a hard time getting what I do have written onto the computer. Someone recently suggested that I talk into a voice recorder and type things up later. I got my recorder ready so I can do that, but the problem is still getting it typed up and onto the Internet.

Lost Boy has Dragon, a voice recognition software, and has agreed to set it up on our desktop computer so I can use it. I'm excited to try it out, but it may take a while to get it up and running. Theoretically, I'll be able to talk to the computer (like the voice recorder), but instead of having to type up my pieces later the computer will convert them to text while I dictate. Then I'll just have to edit and post!

I'm excited about my writing goals. Even with the obstacles I find myself facing I feel like I can figure out how to overcome them!

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  1. you will figure it out Ryann. I know you will do just great. It just takes time. Be patiant with yourself. Hugs Grams