Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Internet Service: Yay!

We have the internet again! Ten months ago Lost Boy and I decided that having internet service was a luxury. We were in the process of cutting down our expenses so that we could better live within our means. I wasn't working anymore and Baby Two Flowers was on the way. We discontinued our internet service. Since then we've aggressively paid down some of my debt and opened some space in our monthly budget. Now we have internet again. Yay!

Not having internet was probably good for my blog-reading, Facebook games, and internet browsing addiction. But it was really hard to keep up with family emails and pictures. Our bank started charging $5 a month for paper statements (which was an extra expense we weren't interested in paying), so without internet it was really hard to monitor our bank account. I am still searching for a healthy balance in my internet use, but I am grateful to have it handy!

Now that I have easy access to my blog again I am going to look at and recommit myself to my writing goals. Hopefully you'll see regular posts up soon!