Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Things happen in April

A couple years ago I read a post by Whitney at Whisker Graphics about focusing on the positive things that happen in our day. She created this awesome printable booklet to help her family (and us) focus on and record 5 Good Things every day. It has been a while since I used the booklet, but I was thinking about it the other day and thought I might post some of my good things once in a while.

Here are 5 Good Things from this week:

  1. Lost Boy got a Safety Monster (a.k.a. bike helmet) to keep him safe on his commute to and from work.
  2. Listening to Baby Two Flowers' adorable babbles and growls.
  3. Qvar and Chlorpheniramine (which banish reduce allergy and asthma misery)
  4. Nice warm sun and nice cool breeze (a break from the rain!)
  5. Hiking with Lost Boy and Baby Two Flowers. I think I spent most of the hike smiling, which is more than I smile in a regular day!
What Good Things happened to you this week?



  1. Woke up to the birds chirping in my yard several times this week, and best of all...TAX SEASON IS OVER!!!

    I like your idea to blog about the good things. I think it's important to take the time to notice and reflect on positive and happy things that we're thankful for. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. Jenifer, Thanks for sharing too! Yay for tax season being over!