Saturday, April 09, 2011

What does it take to become a Mom?

     Becoming a mom is like becoming an adult. Just because you turn 18 doesn't mean you know how to be, or feel like, an adult. I think I started to feel like an adult (sometimes) around 23.

     I am starting to feel like a real stay-at-home-mom now. Part of it is due to Baby Two Flowers' increased variety of activities and mobility. She is getting ready to crawl! Much of her floor time is taken up in puhsups and downward facing dog poses. Though she isn't moving much on her hands and knees, she can cover distance with the army crawl! Today I realized that her territory is expanding farther than I thought it was:

      My number one priority every day is picking up the floor and making sure her territory is safe to explore. I have more and more floor space to worry about every day... she hit the kitchen for the first time this afternoon...

     The stay-at-home-mom feeling is also due to the fact that Baby Two Flowers is starting to demand some kind of schedule. If I keep her up to long, she lets me know that it is nap time, or that it is past her bedtime. I have been working very hard on establishing a daily routine for us. I'm not very good at consistency, but as I improve I'm starting to feel like a real (responsible) mom!

     The feeling is also coming from my increased craftiness, I have been sewing a little (Yay!) and working on preparing for holidays BEFORE they arrive (for example, I'm working on a ceramic nativity set for our house for this Christmas.

     I've also been keeping my house cleaner! Hooray! After months of just sitting on the couch or lying on the bed all day, and then months of running out of energy super fast, I'm finally almost keeping up with things! And, I'm making teeny tiny dents on the mountain of boxes in the Project Room!

     Oh, and it was finally dry enough and warm (hot) enough to go to the park this week. That made me REALLY feel like a mom.

What kinds of things make (or made) you feel like a real mom (or dad)?



  1. I love your pictures of Lilli! Kaelyn loves to find all kinds of things that's aren't her toys to play with. And now that she stands on her own, she's starting to look and reach up for new things to explore. It has me constantly moving things so they're even higher and out of her reach.

    Something that always made me feel like a mom right from the beginning (and still does) was when Kaelyn would cry and only I could comfort her. There is something about it that feels very mom-like to me.

  2. I love it when Lilli reaches for me too! Thanks for sharing one of your "mom moments!"