Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elastic saves the day!

I emptied the bathroom trash today - which is the one we throw the diapers in. I relined it (I have very strong opinions about the importance of lining trash cans!), but was feeling kind of bugged at the prospect of having the liner fall inside the trash can when I throw the first diaper in it. (I do have liners that won't fall in, but I only use them when I've run out of plastic grocery bags.)

I thought about trying to put a rubber band around the mouth of the trash can to keep the bag in place, but we don't have any ginormous rubber bands hanging around and I knew I would get frustrated trying to unsuccessfully fit a normal sized rubber band on the trash can. But then I remembered that I just bought five yards of elastic at Joann's ( ♥ )! I could make my own rubber band! So I measured the can and cut my elastic. Sewed it together moderately cutely, but mostly functionally. And put it on my trash can. Yay!

Now the test comes when I throw a super soaked and heavy diaper in it...



  1. Update: The elastic is working out great! The trash bag stays in place even when the bag is super full! We just have to remember to take it off when we empty the trash so it doesn't go out the the trash bin in the bag...