Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wrinkle Free

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I'm ironing Lost Boy's new dress shirts today. They smell coming off them as I iron is the smell of a brand new college campus building. I love that smell!

However, I'd like to complain about the fact that I'm ironing these shirts. I just bought them and they're labelled "wrinkle free." They came with some very stubborn creases, which I suppose might be from the tightly folded and pinned way they're packaged. But I washed them and hung them up right away!

I just noticed that the water I've been spraying on them isn't absorbing very well. I sprayed them a few minutes ago so the water could soak in and get them slightly damp. When I ironed Lost Boy's old dress shirt there was no problem. It was the perfect amount of dampness and the creases faded away quickly under my iron. But these new shirts still seem kind of dry! I tried spraying one with water, then rubbing my hand over it to make the water absorb and spread out, because I'm ironing it right now! But the water just beaded and scuttled away under my hand. Strange!

There must be some kind of chemical on the fabric that hasn't come out in the wash yet. I wonder if it is the "wrinkle free" chemical? Whatever it is, it's thwarting me!

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