Monday, October 31, 2011

What I'm into: October 2011

Books I'm into:
I read A Sweet Disorder by Jacqueline Kolosov. The book is set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and is a light historical fiction that highlights how little control women had over their lives and how that was changing through the influence of women in power like Elizabeth. It was a better read than I thought it would be.

Lost Boy and I are read The Penderwicks at Point Mouette (#3) by Jeanne Birdsall. If you have never read the Penderwicks you must find them and read them! These are the only books I've read in a long time that make me laugh so hard I have to stop. It is usually Batty who makes me laugh. The story follows four sisters, ages three to thirteen (in the first book) on their summer adventures. At Point Mouette, the oldest sisters, Rosalind, isn't with them and the youngest, Batty, is five years old.

TV/Movies I'm into:
Again! I can't make this a habit or you'll never believe me when I say I don't watch TV! We discovered this month. They have 2-3 minute clips and you can watch them in playlists (there is one on the main page that changes once in a while, or you can create your own based on topics, theme, or muppet). So Baby Two Flowers gets her own computer/TV time for a few minutes each day while I'm nearby.

I've also been watching The Nine Lives of Chloe King with my teenage sis-in-law. She watches most of the episodes, but she keeps me updated and I watch bits of it with her, and occasionally a whole episode. We watch this via Netflix, which I don't have a subscription to, we borrow my bro-in-law's account... thanks D1!

Snow White is my favorite in this show!
I don't remember where I got this image...
I also started watching the new show Once Upon a Time on Hulu. The pilot was this week and I liked it! The premise is that Prince Charming and Snow White have a baby girl, but don't get to live happily ever after because the Evil Queen creates a curse that sends them all to the real world with no memory of who they really are. The baby girl, Emma, is saved from the curse (by a magical wardrobe) and grows up in the foster system. She has a baby who she puts up for adoption and who comes looking for her ten years later because he has figured out that he lives in the town where all the fairy tale characters live, under the curse. He was adopted by the Evil Queen and he wants Emma to save them. I don't think the series will go on for very long, it just doesn't seem like the kind of show that the networks will keep for more than one or two seasons. Maybe I'm pessimistic because the networks don't seem to like the kind of stories that I like.

In November
In November I'm planning to read The Dirt on Clean because I didn't finish it this month. I'm also going to read Real Moms Love to Eat by Beth Aldridge, which is due for publication in January of 2012. I'm also going to review it, so I'll tell you more about it later.

A major project in November is to get back into a regular routine. Recovering from my ear surgery derailed my groove and it always takes longer to find a groove than to lose it. Also, Christmas is coming and it is already time to mail holiday packages to missionaries (especially if they are serving in another country)! So I'm thinking about traditions and holiday preparations and my plan is to act on my plans in November instead of waiting until December!


  1. I love Once Upon Time, too. Several people have "discovered" this show, and I hope we get to see at least a few seasons. I was bummed that it didn't show on Sunday, and we have to wait another week.

  2. Who is your favorite character? I like Snow White best. Lost Boy likes her as Mary Margaret better.