Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It seems odd that I should struggle with rhythm. I had five years of band in high school and I loved marching. Once, my director stopped the field show rehearsal because I was had been running to get to my next place. I wasn't supposed to be running. At least, he said, I was running in time. I like dancing too. For me dancing is all about forming shapes in space with the rhythm dictating the speed and accents.

So why is a daily and weekly rhythm so difficult for me to follow? Perhaps it is because I have to have a rhythm to follow. But my days and weeks are arbitrarily arranged, there is no music to give them shape and structure. I know that others struggle  with setting up and following a routine, but when I'm not reading a blog post about it and am struggling to be productive and proactive I feel very alone and lost within myself.

I can make daily and weekly schedules for myself (I love Excel), but why is it so hard to actually follow them? Life is so much more enjoyable when there is a steady rhythm of eating, sleeping and waking, cleaning, and playing. But I can't hear the music to follow it. Is it even there?

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I searched "rhythm" on Pinterest for some inspiration (searching by images work really well for me). Here are some posts that I'm thinking might help me find the music:


  1. I struggle with daily and weekly schedules too. I like the idea of a structured day, but I don't like that it prohibits freedom and flexibility so much. I am working to find a balance between the two, but haven't found anything that works well for me yet.

  2. I have a really hard time with schedules too and I'm trying hard to remedy that. I'm sorry you're having that issue, but glad I'm not the only one!

  3. @Jenifer, Some of the posts I've read talk about selecting a few set in stone activities (e.g. naps and meals) and then hanging the routines loosely on the nap/meal schedule. I really like that concept, but I can't stick to naps and meals at regular times (yet).

    @Rach, It is nice to know that others are struggling with the same things as we are! It means there's nothing wrong with us :) I also like that it provides a source for ideas, encouragement, and inspiration.