Tuesday, January 03, 2012

So much to say that is slipping away...

I have had so many things I wanted to say in the past month. I read a whole bunch of books in November and I experimented with homemade body products like crazy in December. And I have opinions that I want to share about everything! I think blog posts almost daily, but writing them is another story and if I don't write them down they slip away.

Life is always busy. When I was in school I always felt like I ought to be doing homework instead of doing other kinds of writing. Now I have room to think about things other than school assignments, but there is no homework time to write in. There is no escaping to the library. There is no hiding out in the bathroom. 2Flowers is running and climbing and pulling EVERYTHING off every shelf she can find. She is also putting her head in front of the computer screen, pounding the keyboard, and walking off with the mouse. Crazy things randomly happen to the computer and sometimes a program (or the whole computer) will suddenly blink out of life. What key combination did she press? I have no idea. I think the computer just got confused.

I know a lot of blogger moms work when their children are sleeping, but if I'm not asleep, neither is 2Flowers (except for right now... amazing!). My daily rhythm is even more upside down than it was when I wrote my Rhythm post. But I have hope. The holiday craziness is over and the associated stresses are gone (mostly... I still have to send out packages to faraway family since I missed getting them out on time). I know that every little step I take to push myself back toward a healthy rhythm helps. By small and simple things do great things come to pass.

P.S. Yes, I waste too much time playing games on Facebook. But I'm only playing one or two!


  1. I find that I'm in a similar place. So many things I want to write about (I have a really long list) and just not enough time. Or when I do have the time, then I don't have enough energy. I keep telling myself that someday it will all get done. So far someday hasn't come.

  2. Yes! What do we do? I think I need 1) to get rid of a whole bunch of stuff (create mental and emotional space), 2) to get a desk (I think having somewhere to work would help), and 3) to have a time to work (when someone else is playing with 2Flowers and I'm relatively caught up on housekeeping.

  3. I do most blogging while my daughter is sleeping...and also I leave her with a grandma (my mom or MIL for at least 2-3 hours one day a week) which gives me a nice big chunk of time to accomplish things, since she's not always a good napper.

    1. Hmmm. I'll have to consider the leaving-her-with-grandma idea. There is a 16 year old aunt at my mom-in-laws...

      Thanks for the idea!