Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday: Ladybug Leotard

Lost Boy and I have had a thing about ladybugs since 2Flowers was born. She had some super cute ladybug gear when she was smaller. At Christmas, Mimi gave 2Flowers a new ladybug outfit and this one is just perfect for her tendency to dance!

The outfit actually came with a white shirt, but I like the contrast of all the black with the tutu skirt. There is also a matching red shrug with heart dots, but it was taken off before I could get a photo.

It is amazing how much a pretty outfit on a beautiful little person can make your day better. All I have to do is look over at her and I feel good.


  1. I just love the first picture of 2Flowers (on the left). She looks so happy and carefree!

    1. She is. Though she recently developed a confused/concerned face.