Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashion Friday: Sprinkles and Cupcakes!

So, it is really hard to take a picture of myself for my What I Wore Wednesday posts (we don't have a full length mirror...). But it is super easy to take photos of 2Flowers, so I have lots of material for Fashion Friday!

This outfit makes me think of parties and cupcakes and sprinkles. It is wonderful to watch her running around in it.

I got these skirts from   ...somewhere, and they're so darn cute I can't wait until summer to put them on her. (What if she grows out of them before then?!) I've been layering them with solid leggins and the result is pretty cute.

I love how this photo turned out - we have an extra vanity and I keep it cleaned off (usually) so it is the perfect place to dry off and dress a little person (we used to change her diapers there, but she's outgrown the counter space).

She loves to open the cabinet and take stuff out of it, so I keep only baby related items and make sure that everything gets put away when she gets down. I started to decorate the inside of the mirror with pictures of animals for her to find. Occasionally, she still likes to play with the Baby in the Mirror.


  1. Her little pony tail sticking out is adorable!

    1. Yes! We haven't been doing ponytails very much lately, so I enjoy every one I can get!