Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3.14 - Pi(e) Day

We missed it last year.

And we almost missed it this year! But Miss V was thinking about it and reminded me. Whew!

Our busy Wednesday just got even busier, because how can we not have pie? Pie is, after all, a defining quality of Lost Boy's character. And what better day to eat pie than March 14th (3.14)?

Which pie to make though? We have an abundance of lemons, but I don't love lemon meringue the way Lost Boy does. I love Mimi's Sour Cream Apple Pie, but we have a dearth of apples.

Thank goodness for Pinterest! We are thinking about maybe a pear-butter pie. Lost Boy said he saw peaches at the store. I'm thinking we'll do personal sized pies, maybe blackberry? Need some ideas? Here is my new Pie Day Pinterest Board! (Click on it to follow the link.)

Happy Pi Day!

P.P.S. Is it Pie Day or Pi Day? Or does it matter. I never thought about it until just now. I tend to focus on the pies more than the pi.

Note: I learned that it is Pi Day. The day is actually all about the number. But pie is a great way to celebrate. Especially since pi is involved in the equation that relates the circumference of a circle to its radius. And what do you get when you cut a pie? A radius!


  1. I've never heard of pie day. Apparently I've been out of the dessert loop all these years! What is a pear-butter pie? I'm not such a big fan of fruity pies, but I love banana cream and coconut cream. Chris and I went to Baker's Square for pie for our very first date. Up until just a few years ago, we always went back to Baker's Square on the anniversary of our first date to reminisce and try a new type of pie. They had so many to choose from! Now they are all closed. It's sad. I'll be interested to hear which pies you end up making.

    1. We are celebrating it this year for the first time Ry! We are trying to use what we've already got and I have a lot of canned peaches (food storage) that would be easy to use up so we don't have to move them in a month. So I was thinking Peach Pie with Candied Pecans on top. I've never had it, but is sounds good. Good luck deciding on a pie!

    2. Jenifer, I'd never heard of Baker's Square. I'm sad they are closed, I think Lost Boy would have loved to go there!

  2. We had a super busy day and had to decide between cheap pie, expensive pie, or no pie during a ginormous grocery trip. We opted for some non-cheap personal pies that turned out to be more like tarts. But at least we got some form of pie!

  3. Kar, your pie sounded really good. I like pecans in pie!