Saturday, September 29, 2012

Missing the Microwave

Our microwave randomly stopped working this week. I opened the door to put some food in and the power went out along half of the kitchen (the refrigerator stopped humming!). Lost Boy tripped the breaker and I tried again, but the fuse blew again. After several breaker trips/fuse blowings we decided to call maintenance.

Maintenance replaced the outlet, but the microwave still blew the fuse, so they said it must be the microwave. Sigh. It is no big deal to heat food up in the oven, but we realized how much we depend on the microwave clock and timer. We are constantly looking at the microwave, only to realize that there is no clock in the kitchen (or front room) anymore.

I finally had Lost Boy move the microwave out of the kitchen. I think he has some ideas for repairing it. Meanwhile, the kitchen is in transition and things that had a place (on top of the microwave) are now homeless. Sigh.

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