Sunday, June 02, 2013

50% Less Stuff

We finished moving all of my stuff to the house this weekend. I have a lot of stuff. And paper. I have a lot of paper.

I've been working on sorting and getting rid of my stuff and paper. I thought I was doing pretty good. And I am! I can throw away (recycle) at least 1/2 of my paper when I go through it.

But Lost Boy, Papa and the brothers had to move way too many boxes this weekend. WAY TOO MANY! I thought I had gone through and gotten rid of more stuff. I think they're breeding. I need to have less stuff!!

So I have a new goal.

50% less stuff by next June 1st.

One year. Less stuff.

I'm not sure I can do it. But I've been making progress on letting go of stuff, so I just have to push it further faster. I need a plan and a schedule.

The plan so far is this:

1. Designate a space for give-away stuff. I've had a DI Box for years, but I am going to need a much bigger one now.

2. Toss half of each box while I'm unpacking. I know I won't always do this, especially with the kitchen and office boxes, but it is still the plan.

The weak part of my plan is the schedule... when have I ever done a project on time?

I don't remember, either.


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  1. You can do this! Once you get started, it snowballs. Wouldn't be surprised it you finished in six months.