Monday, June 03, 2013

Backyard Blanket Fort

Lost Boy and 2Flowers went camping last night. It was long overdue. There was a special Daddy-Daughter trip planned five months ago that got canceled because of snow. Snow wouldn't have stopped Lost Boy from camping, but he didn't want 2Flowers to have to endure instead of enjoy the experience.

She's been asking to go camping for months. Last night she asked for a tent again. Lost Boy observed that we have a backyard now, so he went hunting for the tent.

We found the tent, no problem. But we couldn't find the tent poles anywhere (there are boxes everywhere and nothing has a home). So Lost Boy made a blanket fort with an old sheet and they went to bed outside after 2Flowers brushed her teeth camping style (spitting in the dirt, not the sink!).

I got to snuggle Baby O and blog to my heart's content.

2FLowers made it until 2:00 am before she woke up and wanted to get into bed with me.


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