Thursday, June 27, 2013

Super Smoothies!

Today I almost felt like I had a healthy, productive routine. Part of it is probably due to the my body healing from the cesarean section. My mom often reminds me that I will feel so much better six months after the surgery that I'll be amazed.

I'm wondering if another part of it is the oatmeal chia seed breakfast smoothies that I found on Pinterest last week. We started making the smoothies with just oatmeal because we didn't have chia seeds (and couldn't find them at the grocery store). I was impressed with how long the smoothie kept me satisfied, so I decided it was worth it to try the chia seeds.

I found the chia seeds at Elliott's Natural Foods* and was VERY impressed with how much energy I had each morning (and afternoon!) after I drank my smoothies. From what I've heard (i.e. I don't have solid sources) Chia seeds are known as Aztec super food. They are supposed be really good at sustaining energy. The package says they have lots of Omega 3s, fiber, protein, and antioxidants. That all sounds pretty good.

My mom also said that the oatmeal has lots of B vitamins, which are contributing to me feeling better and having more energy. I think this smoothie recipe is a keeper!

*The Chia Co. ( $7.55 for 5.3 oz. That is $1.42 per oz. Do you buy chia seeds? How much do yours cost? Where do you get them?

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