Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Fall Changes

  1. Sunset is creeping up on us every day. Have you noticed? It is dark by 8:00 pm now, which helps me convince 2Flowers that it is time to get ready for bed. But while I'm enjoying the cooler night air, I am not looking forward to Daylight Savings! Do we really need Daylight Savings anymore? We suddenly lose more light at night (when I could really use it) and gain more in the morning (when I could be sleeping!). Even when I was in college and working I didn't like the change (getting out of class at 4:00 and walking across a dark campus? Um, no thanks!) Hey! Let's ditch Daylight Savings... how do we go about doing that? [Edit: The time change is so confusing! I had it backwards.We are actually going to get more light at night and less in the morning. But it is still going to mess up my schedule, so I still want to ditch it.]
  2. It is getting crispy and cool in the mornings and evenings! We are wrapping up in blankets more often and dipping into our collection of jackets and sweaters. We sometimes still run the air conditioner in the afternoon, but we are doing that less and less often.
  3. There is more pollen and dust in the air as the wind kicks up and the growing season changes. I can tell because I'm having trouble breathing. It is time to ramp up my asthma control plan and take more meds more often. My asthma reaches its peak during the winter, but autumn is my chance to get my plan in action before things get really bad.
  4. The leaves are starting to fall! Most of them haven't changed color, but we are getting some light yellow leaves falling from the trees around the house. This is crunchy leaf season here because it is still hot enough that the fallen leaves dry out and crunch when you step on them. In a month or so, when the rain starts, we'll have tons of leaves on the ground, but they'll be soggy and not crunchy at all.
  5. I don't think about finding a pool every day anymore. We still keep our swimsuits handy because GiGi-J has a hot tub, but they aren't sitting in a bag by the door ready to go at a moment's notice anymore. It's a little bit funny, but the less I think about finding a pool, the more I think about swim suits! Where am I going to keep them over the winter so I can find them easily? When are they on sale so I can be ready for next summer? And where can I buy the suits I really want for the kids?
What is changing in your life now that it is fall?

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