Wednesday, October 02, 2013

My ambitious goal + Conference Activity Packets

General Conference is this weekend!

I had goal to re-listen to the April Conference talks six times each. I knew it was kind of ambitious. Lost Boy pointed out that I would have to listen to, like, two talks a day to meet my goal. And since I'm not in the habit of listening to any sort of audio on a regular basis (including music) it isn't surprising that I didn't meet my goal.

I still think re-listening to each of the conference talks is a good goal to pursue, but I'm going to change some things. This time my goal is to listen to or read each talk two times (not six).

Obstacles I need to plan for are: how and when to listen to or read the talks. Conference is available everywhere! It is on the web in both audio and text, and therefore available on every computer in our house; it is available through the Gospel Library on our iPad and smartphones; it is printed in the Ensign magazine (which I could buy for less than $2.00 if I don't want to print every talk I think I want to read). The thing is, I still can't hear very well, so if I'm not close to the speakers of whatever device I'm listening to I can't hear it. And if I'm doing anything besides sitting still and listening I don't absorb the content of what I'm listening to very well. Except dishes. I can do dishes and listen, but the distance from the speakers is an issue when I'm washing dishes. But I can't pick up the living room or sort kids clothes.

While I ponder how to make my goal achievable, here are some links to a few great conference activities to help you your kids pay attention during conference:

The Ultimate General Conference Activity Packet by Food Storage and Beyond Free Downloadable Conference Booklet from Deseret Book General Conference Activity Packet by Mormon Cartoonist Conference Packet from Sugardoodle Image Map


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