Friday, August 29, 2014

Loosening up

Lost Boy and I have been married for six years now (this month!), and goodness sake, amazing changes can happen in six years!

I tend to be rather particular about how I like things. I generally like things to be precisely in their places (even though too many things often don't have places), and I like to compartmentalize. I like things to be in containers. Or zip lock bags. When I pack our clothes for travelling, I usually put underclothes, kids clothes, and socks in zip lock bags so I don't have to rummage around so much. But Lost Boy doesn't care about containers or rummaging. I just packed his clothes for an upcoming camping trip (Which I know he can do perfectly well for himself. But he's easy to pack for, so if I pack for him I feel like I've made Progress! And then it is easier to pack me and the baby). I am SO proud of myself! I packed all his clothes in a stuff sack (even more basic than a backpack or a duffel bag!) and I didn't put a single thing in a zip lock bag.

Not his underclothes. Not his socks.

I'm so amazed at how far I've come! This change is definitely influenced by Lost Boy's tendency toward minimalism (he isn't a hard core ultralight backpacker, but he practices the practical principles). And the less stuff you have to carry, the less you need to organize.

I just realized that I also packed 2Flowers without any zip lock bags. She has come to the point where she can help pack her own bag. She rummages with a vengeance and requires prefers very little help from me now, so there is no point to use zip locks to organize her travel bag.

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  1. Happy anniversary!! Way to loosen up :) Love you!