Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Unproductive but Successful

Today felt unproductive. I never got around to taking a shower, and the kids wore their pajamas all day. I dozed off a few times and didn't do any read-alouds or lessons with the kids (thank goodness for audiobooks!).

We met with Lilli's teacher in the afternoon and she brought us some watercolor cakes that we had ordered a while ago, and a set of water brushes. I made the kids wait until Daddy got home to try them out. After dinner and pajamas, Darren read a chapter from The Mysterious Howling and the children painted. It made me happy. This is what I imagine homeschooling to be like.

And it is... occasionally....

but sometimes it looks like this:

(I was reading Winnie the Pooh, which counts as Language Arts.
Everyone decided to dog-pile on Orion. 
You can't see him... but he's under there.)

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