Monday, March 09, 2020

Illustrations by Paul Goble

We've been finding amazing books at the library! I hardly have to look and great books keep jumping into my hands!

Here are two books that I particularly enjoyed. They are Native American stories. I loved the art, by Paul Goble. And I love how Mr. Goble gives background information about the stories and where he found inspiration for the motifs in the illustrations.

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In Star Boy, a young woman who says she will marry the Morning Star. He comes to marry her and she is taken to the sky to live with him. But when her curiosity gets her in trouble she is sent back to earth with her son. Her son faces sadness and adversity in his life, but makes an important journey to secure his heart's desire.

In Her Seven Brothers, a young woman learn traditional beading from her mother and becomes a skillful weaver. She is an only child, but learns of seven brothers who need someone to take care of them, and she journeys to become their sister. (The seven brothers living alone reminded Orion and me of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which we watched a few weeks ago. But the stories are not the same.)

I'm not familiar with many Native American tales. I suspect there are symbols and imagery in these stories and illustrations that I missed. The images are so beautiful. I want to frame a spread and look at it every day, and maybe change it once in a while. I want to read more of Paul Goble's books, and learn more about the Native American traditions (he specifies what tribe or tribes are represented in the books). 

Here are a few more books done by Paul Goble. Orion and I want to read ALL of them!

There are so many more books by Paul Goble. Check your library and put some on hold. You won't regret it!

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