Links I Like

  • joliprint: is a web-based PDF printer that lets you "Save web articles as PDF for reading later." You can add it to your website or get a bookmarklet. I love how joliprint's PDFs maximize paper space and give you ways to share the PDFed article!
  • printfriendly is another web-based PDF printer. It has a different layout than joliprint, and you can delete images or sections of text before you print, which can be handy. 
  • CutePDF is a PDF writer (or printer) that you install on your computer. It shows up in the list with your Hp, Canon, or Dell printers. I use it for to PDF nearly everything, from spreadsheet and word documents to internet pages.
  • PrimoPDF is another PDF printer software for your computer. It offers more functions than CutePDF such as appending a page to an existing document, overwriting, and I think the newest Free version also includes some PDF editing. PrimoPDF takes much longer to go through the printing process than CutePDF, so there is a trade off.
Photos and Images
  • Photoscape: A free photo editing software that has neat features. I like how easy it is to add words to a picture, to make a photo collage (or desktop wallpaper), or to make a row of photos into a singe image. This software also has a wide selection of nice photo frames.
  • Irfanview another image editing software that has more control than Photoscape (but not the collage features). I like this one because it supports way more file types than normal image programs. You can make icons with it (.ico)!
  • My very favorite site for free high quality images is Microsoft Office Images. It is easy to search and there is a wide variety of images. Some of the images are .WMF (which is a weird Microsoft format), but you can use Irfanview to convert them to another format such as a .JPG or a .PNG.
  • Kevin & Amanda have some great Tutorials on blog design, photography, and Photoshop.
  • has some good online photo and image editing tools: 1) Pixlr Editor for images, 2) Pixlr Express for photos, 3) Pixlr-o-matic for adding photo effects and fun stuff, and 4) Pixlr Grabber for screen shots.
Social Media
  • Podcaster Get-It-Done Guy answers the qeustion Why Use Twitter? (via Grammar Girl)
Fonts & Typography
  • I absolutely LOVE Kevin and Amanda's free fonts at fonts for peas (I just call them pea fonts).
  • A.F.5 Rename by Alex Fauland is file renamer that is super simple and functional. I've been using it for years.